Number71 (number71) wrote,

Did you ever get so tired...

That you are constantly dizzy and even your hair hurts? Thats where I am at. Fell asleep in the same position that I threw myself down on the bed and woke up in that awkward sprawl too. And I am going to the MC5 show tonight. Anyone else going? I should be loads of fun. prob. get drunk off one beer. I saw Bowie and the Violent Femmes last week. Both great shows. Been playing baseball. Been working OT. Arghh.

On the interesting side, I took up comedy again. For the first time since Paris and Malibu were blaring their beautiful music into the night. I had stopped after one particularly horrific night of bombing. So I of course took up improv at the Upright Citizen's Brigade. On level, two, done some shows and having fun. Nothing too horrific this tim, so far.

How is everyone's summer so far?

drop a line.

chris O
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