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Bauhaus, Nouvelle Vague and

I am going on the firiday night to see anyone else? Or am I the only non_Saturday person? I just saw Nouvelle Vague last weel at Canal Room...great show. They mix my love of new wave, bossa nova and french girls all into one band. Their cover of "Too drunk to Fuck" is my fave I think.

As for me, I have a three month run of shows, Thursdays @8 at the Magnet Theater coming up. I'll post a more accurate schedule as there will be a couple of weeks I'll have off.

Went up to Cape Cod and Nantucket and had a great time. I stayed most of the time in Hyannis. They have this brit-style pub that had a great assortment of brews. I finally got to try O'Hara's, a Guinness type stout from Ireland that was great. One night whilst imbibing there they had a Dj spiining old-school reggae which I rather enjoyed even if no-one else in the place besides the DJ knew any of the songs. Or, heck, even the genre of music.

Anyone esle go anywhere this summer?

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