Number71 (number71) wrote,

A little Update

Well, I am absolutely useless at this thing. Unless once a month is considered a well-kept journal.
What have I been up to?
I went to a baseball clinic in Peoria, Az, called the pro-ball clinic. It's for normal guys to get coached by real major league coaches. Much fun was had. I was gone a week in sunny AZ, and it's always a great group. Their website is

What else? Oh, my car has been in the shop for a month now. Just some body work. But a month? C'mon it wasn't in that bad of shape(was it?) . So that left me going to LI to see the fam on thanksgiving via the L.I.R.R. Joy!

Right now, I am listening to "Don't Bring Me Down", and watching the snow fall. Soon to get up and play some foosball.
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Hey, at least there's some irony in that word "joy." C, how are your bro and sis? I imagine they have about three kids each by now. Are they both in the D.C. area? And P&M? They doing well? Lord, it feels like I haven't seen them since Wattage Check played in their living room. I wonder how fonseca is doing?
$550 a DAY for baseballery? Wow. I hope there's full release with that. Manual or oral.

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